The Straight Poop On The Bio Toilet For Angkor Wat

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Groundwork Mishima, which has helped install bio toilets at Mount Rainier and Mount Fuji, is getting ready to provide another "eco" toilet for the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia.

Developed by Toyokogyo Co. in Osaka Prefecture, the toilets use bacteria that attaches itself to cedar chips which breaks down the waste into nitrogen and water. While needing a small amount of electricity, they are self-contained and don't need emptying, according to Mainichi. So, what does it look like?

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With a million visitor to the ruins at Angkor Wat every year, the water quality of the Tonle Sap Lake to the south of the complex has been deteriorating. According to Groundwork Mishima, there are currently 11 toilets at the site, which are emptied by vacuum trucks.

"We're contributing toward the protection of the ruins, and by using cedar from thinned trees we can regenerate woodland areas," says executive director Toyohiro Watanabe.

Here is a drawing of a Japanese style version of the bio toilet, while they also supply a Western style version.

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Image: Toyokogyo Co.

Groundwork Mishima is known in Japan for water-related projects, especially river-clean ups and eco-tourism for kids. They also collaborate with Groundwork in the UK, and is committed to the improvement and regeneration of more than 40 project sites throughout Mishima City. Projects include the regeneration of the Genbei River, propagation of aquatic plants, firefly restoration and the establishment of biotope nature gardens in schools.

The bio toilet is a self-contained, self-cleaning water recycling system, no odor, and a heated seat. It uses a cedar chip and microbe system to "digest" the human waste. Read more about it on the Mount Rainier Volunteer blog!

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For the Angkor Wat project, they are working with bio toilet maker Toyokogyo Co. ("for the nature for the human being"), who contributed the bio toilet free of charge.

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Photo: The Bacher Family
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The Straight Poop On The Bio Toilet For Angkor Wat
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