The Stimulus Bill Tax Credit Guide: Great Green Stuff Obama Will Help You Buy

obama stimulus stuff guide photo

Image via Inhabitat

Obama's freshly signed stimulus bill is packed with tax credits you can earn simply by buying green, energy efficient stuff—you just have to know what qualifies and what doesn't. But with hundreds of pages of confusing stipulations to sift through, knowing what's eligible is easier said than done. Thankfully, your friendly neighborhood TreeHuggers slogged through the bill and figured out exactly what you can buy to land big tax credits. From thousands of dollars off a new hybrid car, to massive rebates on home wind turbines, to big savings on college, here's a slideshow featuring the green stuff you should add to your shopping list this year—and why not? It's on the (White) house.

The Stimulus Bill Tax Credit Guide: Everything You Can Buy On Obama's Buck

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