The Republican Presidential Candidates' Assault on Science (Video)

There have been all sorts of extremely strange claims about science coming from this crop of GOP presidential candidates -- claims like climate science is an elaborate sham perpetrated by data-manipulating scientists (that's Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann), that evolution is a theory "with some gaps in it" that should be taught alongside creationism in school (the big P), and that we'd be better off without the Environmental Protection Agency (Bachmann all the way).

In the clip above, Joe Romm discusses the assault the mainstream GOP candidates are waging on science, and what it is that underwrites such a position (hint: corporations!).All the nonsensenical bucking of climate science and evolution spurred fellow candidate Jon Huntsman to see if he could rally conservative science supporters to his side by speaking up for one of America's richest traditions -- but it doesn't seem to be working. Alas, Mitt Romney too turned his back on science, in order to pander to the far right that will be wildly influential in selecting the GOP's candidate.

In the clip above, Romm has resorted to simply arguing 'hey, science is pretty good! It improves our lives! It creates jobs!', because there are literally presidential candidates in the United States who haven't processed that notion.

It's a bizarre spectacle indeed, watching supposedly respected politicians seek the highest office in the nation while flagrantly flying in the face of scientific theories long accepted as truth. Strange times, these.

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