The Preacher, the Flood, and Global Warming

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Remember the popular old preacher's joke? The one about the preacher refusing to get into rescue boats despite the rising flood waters all around him? How he says he's not worried, because he's been praying, and that "the Lord will provide"? And then, at the end, after the waters swallow him up, he wonders why the Lord never delivered. But "The Lord provided three boats," Saint Peter tells him. "It's not His fault that you were too dumb to get in."

Tom Junod opens his latest column over at Esquire with the parable, and then writes:

It's an old joke, a preacher's joke, and if you go to church in the United States, you've probably heard it. But it's also possibly the best summation of the situation that the United States faces in regard to global warming.
Click through to read why he thinks so.

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