The Powerdown Show: Exploring Peak Oil and Climate Change (Video)

The Powerdown Show - Transition Towns and Energy Descent Pathways from Rob Carr on Vimeo.

Powerdown Show Offers Fun Perspectives on Coming Challenges
I am eternally grateful to Rob Hopkins of the Transition Towns movement. Not only has he inspired one of the most important, vibrant and influential social movements of our time - a community led response to peak oil and climate change. But he's saved me a lot of hassle in finding things to write about. In fact, whenever I am stuck for a subject I head over to his blog, Transition Culture, and I never fail to find exciting, inspiring and informative posts about all aspects of saner, more sustainable living. The latest resource he's turned me on to is The Powerdown Show, a series of 20 minute documentaries about all aspects of resource depletion and climate change. If the above video tickles your fancy, click below the fold for more information about the series, and some further reading about Transition Towns. The Powerdown Show is a project of the Cultivate Centre in Ireland, and offers 10 different episodes on some of the most important topics facing humanity. Here's more from Cultivate:

The Powerdown Show is a 10-part TV series that takes a fresh and engaging look at the community responses to the converging challenges of climate change and peak oil. We have a golden opportunity to create a far better, more sustainable way of life. Millions around the world – many in your own community – are already making the transition to local resilience. Your vision is needed too. Welcome to The Powerdown Show....

The full DVD can be purchased at Cultivate's online shop. And read on for more information about peak oil and the Transition movement.

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