The Phone Co-Op: Greener Communications for the UK


When it comes to choosing green services, the provider of your phone line is not perhaps the highest of your concerns. However, if you are in the UK, you could do a lot worse than choose the Phone Co-op. The organization, based in Oxfordshire, offers cheap phone calls to both business and residential customers, as well as broadband internet and web hosting. It has been voted Ethical Consumer best buy for both line rental and broadband services, and has an extensive ethical and environmental policy including carbon offsets, green energy purchases, investment in wind power and extensive office sustainability initiatives. The Phone Coop also has partnerships with affiliate organizations such as the Centre for Alternative Technology, who we reported on here and here, and Permaculture Magazine, also reported on here, allowing these groups to raise money through encouraging their members to sign up as Phone Co-op customers. ::The Phone Co-op::