The People Versus The People? China Accepts First Environmental Lawsuit Against the Government

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Chinese government owning up to some of its less savory acts, or even admitting that those might ever exist in the first place, doesn't happen all the time. So, news of a Chinese court accepting a the nation's first lawsuit by an environmental group against a local government certainly bears noting. The details of the case, via the Economic Times:The All-China Environmental Federation filed suit on behalf of local residents in Qingzhen city (Guizhou province) against the local land resources bureau after the bureau sold some 8,600 square feet (about one-fifth of an acre) to drink and ice cream processor.

The residents allege that the as yet half-finished plant, construction on which was begun in (would you believe it) 1994, is a threat to a nearby lake due to waste water discharge. They want the government to take back the land and remove existing construction materials.

OK, so it's not the largest case in the world -- or could be filed in China, that's for sure -- but it is a (small) sign that more public participation in environmental enforcement may acceptable.

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