The Office of the Future: How We Will Work in 2025

chiat day offices of the future photo

Shannon McGrath in Fast Company

It started with glorious failure: Chiat/Day's offices in the early 90s, designed by Frank Gehry. Cliff Kuang writes at Fast Company:

"Each day, employees checked out a phone and a Powerbook at a concierge--and then scrambled to find one of the few available seats. Despite Jay Chiat's bold vision, it was a fiasco: Employees reliant on paper used their car trunks as filing cabinets. Executives commandeered conference rooms as offices. And if you didn't get to work early enough, you didn't get a seat."

macqaurrie office

Fast Company presents a great slideshow of the Macquarie offices in Sydney, Australia. Architect Clive Wilkinson, who designed the new offices but worked with Gehry on the Chiat/Day project, notes:

"We didn't understand everything it took to make it work," Wilkinson says. "And the state of technology was fairly unevolved."

It is a very different story today. But in 2025? Will we have offices at all? More at Fast Company

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