The Ocean Acidification, Non-Coolaid Test: Will Climate Treaty Delegates Pass?

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The thirtieth sessions of the UNFCCC Convention subsidiary bodies - Monday 1 June till Friday 12 June 2009 in Maritim, Bonn, Germany.
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Although both problems are caused by a high excess of atmospheric C02, ocean acidification could be a more imminent and serious hazard than global warming.

"It (ocean acidification)...must not be left off the agenda at the United Nations Copenhagen climate negotiations in December, 70 of the world's science academies warned today. The oceans are now more acidic now than they have been for 800,000 years, the academies said in a joint statement, and they predicted dire consequences for food production and the livelihoods of millions of people if this challenge is not addressed."Via:Environment News Service, Climate Deal Must Cover Acid Oceans, World Scientists Urge

The statement emphasizes that ocean acidification is irreversible and, on current emission trajectories, suggests that all coral reefs and polar ecosystems will be severely affected by 2050 or even earlier.

Give us a few thousand square miles of excess plankton now: restored blooms are incomparably better than ocean death.
Rather than wait around for 'the Parties,' one relatively non-invasive means of mitigating ocean acidification would be to restore marine plankton blooms to levels normally experienced in the 1970's, and prior, by temporarily adding trace levels of iron to surface waters.

In spite of the protests of anti-science activists, and the general lack of awareness of politicians regarding the risk of ocean acidification, the planetary carbon bomb lit by the last three or four generations of we humans can be partly defused before the worst acidification consequences are felt. (See Anti-Science Environmentalism: Iron Seeding Experiment Protested ...Again, for details.)

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