The Next X-Prize: Rethinking the Automobile


The X Prize Foundation, the non-governmental, non-profit education organization who organized the contest that kick-started personal space travel, is planning new prizes, including one for automobile technology. X Prize's founder, Peter Diamandis, wants to next bring the efforts of private parties -- motivated by a nice chunk of cash and wide recognition -- to the task of solving some of the world's transportation problems. "Why do we still drive cars that use an internal combustion engine and only get 30 miles per gallon?" Diamandis asks, adding, "I think that we'll see some amazing achievements in this area." Further details on this automotive prize are forthcoming, he added, when the prize is fully formulated. While this method is decidedly wacky and not terribly efficient, we like the outside-the-box thought process and innovation this content could potentially inspire, and the time efficiency that can come as a result of leaving the bureaucrats out of it. Other new projects sponsored by the X Prize Foundation will include work in the fields of genome research, nanotechnology and education. ::X Prize via ::Gizmodo