The New School Tackles Green Urban Design Through Environmental Education in NYC

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As Mairi Beautyman pointed out not too long ago, The New School in NYC has been taking significant steps in a greener direction by offering degrees for students in environmental programs taking a holistic approach to design through the Tishman Environment and Design Center.

But now there’s word that they’ve begun a new environmental studies program focused on New York City and the urban environment in a bid to help students prepare to tackle the challenges posed by the reality that experts predict that a majority of the world’s population will live, work and play in large urban areas by 2025.

To pull it off they’ll be taking advantage of the many opportunities for study presented by NYC, from the marshes of Jamaica Bay to green roofs in the South Bronx, the program will immerse its students in the Big Apple, one of the most complex urban ecosystems on Earth. And you can bet that students who can make it there will find themselves able to take their newfound knowledge and put it into practice designing greener cities for inhabitants around the world.

Via: Press Release

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