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Jumping immediately from John Michael Greer's sobering bit on the end of retirement to Jason Bradford's discussion of printing food-backed money dollars is only for environmental experts; I did it, but barely escaped with my life. The juxtaposition of the two of the biggest n'er-before-faced realities - that of forgetting about retiring, and wondering how the dinner plate will be filled in the next few years - is the sobering equivalent of pushing a galvanized ten-penny through your palm. But so shockingly rich in practicality prana the posts they are, one may be able to feel satiated just by reading them you will. Is printing your own fisc the solution achieving security in your old age? After the break.If you've read Greer before you know he's a hard-bark teddy bear with a golden chocolate center - tell people to abandon all hope in their worthless 'investments' for the next 20 years, but then chide them with the reminder that the future "is not going to be as fun as sitting on a lawn chair in a Sun Belt trailer park." One can almost envision him having those happy face / sad face drama masks on a rotating stick as he prances around the stage, him giving them a spin to cushion our fall as we realize that sustainability is going to take on a whole new meaning in a few years.

Over at the Oil Drum, Bradford picks up on this theme wailing about the bummer of Peak Oil but actually has a nifty solution - food-backed money that you print yourself. His program, called Mendo Credits, works on the idea that each 'Mendo dollars' is readily redeemable for a certain quantity of food - beans, rice, and the like. Bradford mentions that Mendo Credits are a "reserve currency" as opposed to a "fiat currency" and he's right; unlike our non-gold backed dollars, the Mendo food is sitting in a silo somewhere just ready to be eaten when you demand it.

Jason goes on to explain a lot of the virtues of using the local food currency - supporting local agriculture, eating better, ultimately giving a boost to agricultural-related jobs and peace of mind for thousands - and in these regards he shares the same goals as Greer and other members of the environmental community, including TH, and there's some vicarious pleasure in printing your own money as well; why should the government get all the thrills? In food we trust, you bet. The Oil Drum,
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