The National Post on Dead Whales, Oiled Birds: "No Big Deal."


tailing pond, Alberta tar sands

The National Post started a new "eco-page" this morning, which is pretty funny when the lead story on the front page is an admiring portrait of "eco-Judas" Patrick Moore. I have had a love/hate relationship with the Post since it started; founded by Conrad Black as a conservative voice, it hired the best writers and designers and revitalized the newspaper industry in Canada.

Eco-page notwithstanding, I am cancelling it today. We complain often about the abomination that is the Alberta tar sands; now hundreds of birds have died, simply by landing on what look like lakes but are actually tailing ponds. It is getting coverage around the world, but what is the response from the National Post's Kevin Libin?

"the energy industry has always taken its moderate toll on wildlife, from the days of whale oil to California’s raptor-shredding wind turbines, it would certainly be something if a few hundred more ducks, martyred in the name of in the name of industrial progress, made all that much of a difference." "moderate toll"? what gall. Notwithstanding the fact that they didn't have the nerve to put this in the print edition, my subscription is cancelled now. :National Post

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