The Museum of Old Techniques

museum of old techniques

TreeHugger often notes that, notwithstanding our love of technology, sometimes the older, slower, simpler ways of doing things, like growing your own food or riding a bike, are better than the high tech processed stuff or hydrogen cars. Now we find that there is an entire museum devoted to it: Belgium's Museum of Old Techniques. The rationale:

"Evolution doesn't necessarily mean progress, what we consider to be primitive solutions are often not primitive at all"

mot ovens photo

On site they do useful things like teach people how to build brick ovens,

tools examples photo

But online they have some useful resources like a catalogue of drawings of tools to help you identify things you might find at the antique store or garage sale, indexed by shape, name or profession;

unknown objects photos

There is also a section with photos of unknown objects, where they invite contributions and suggestions. I recognized exactly one. More at the Museum of old techniques

via: Low Tech Magazine

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