The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See


It's called The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See, and it's taking the web by storm. Essentially, it's little more than a high school science teacher named Greg Craven, set up in his home with a whiteboard and a felt-tipped marker.

But he's made the case to over 4 million viewers on multiple websites that An Inconvenient Truth simply didn't go far enough. And that's impressive. Particularly when you consider the fact that he's done it without the aid of anything more high tech than his YouTube account.To pull it off took him months of living on take-out and energy drinks while his wife and two daughters moved out for weeks at a time as he filmed away back at home, working hard on his 44-part series. Not surprisingly, all the hard-livin' took it's toll, ending him up in the emergency room with chest pains as a result of it.

And he's found his share of critics among the ostrich-crowd as well... With almost 7000 negative comments in return for his efforts. All of which, it seems, served to help him refine what he had to say as he patched the holes in his original video with a follow-up called "How It All Ends".

As Craven himself puts it,

This is not just another environmental issue. This may eat our lunch. This is fundamentally different because in a complex system like the climate, there may be tipping points where irreversible damage is done, but you don't see it until it's too late to do something about it. That's what really has motivated me.

Nope, you can't keep a high school teacher down, no matter how hard you try... So give it a look, the clocks tickin'!

via:: CTV