The Most Important Report You'll Read This Year: "Breaking The Climate Deadlock"

tony-blair-breaking-climate-deadlock photo
Times Are Changing
The climate science debate is over. Policy action is what it's all about. In spite of the US' delaying actions, other developed nations and many large companies are focused on real policy choices. Even Tony Blair has stopped 'beating around the bush'.

Scan Tony's recent speech on Breaking The Climate Deadlock, given to the Climate Group. Then download the full report on Breaking the Climate Deadlock (downloadable pdf file here).

Think Ahead, Think Positive - Immerse Yourself In Policy
You'll not find a better capsule summary of what we face and what needs to be done for the rest of your life - and your childrens' lives. Honestly. Read the report. The details are gripping. Then, have a look at who belongs to the Climate Group: many familiar faces.Via::The Climate Group, Image credit::TerrPass, Betting on Blair

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