The Most Dangerous Global Warming Deniers in the World

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Fewer Americans believe that climate change is a serious problem now than at any point over the last three years--only 57% feel that global warming is worth worrying about. How can that be, you might ask--the scientific evidence has only grown stronger, and more and more nations around the world are accepting that it's a major threat. So what keeps us at bay? It could have something to do with these men--the most dangerous global warming deniers around. And to better acquaint you with these nefarious climate change deniers, the Huffington Post has assembled a slideshow that lets you whip through the worst of the worst.

From Glenn Beck to Senator James Inhofe to Sarah Palin to the US Chamber of Commerce, these people and institutions use their position of fame and/or power to actively confuse the public about climate change. Some may be genuinely clueless (Beck, Palin), some may be in bed with the oil and coal industries (Inhofe)--but all of them are dangerous to the welfare of our planet.

Head over to the Huffington Post to check out the full list, and to vote on who you think is the most dangerous climate denier of them all.

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