The Lance Effect Draws 5,000 Cyclists in Australia


photo via Flickr

The "Lance Effect" refers to the influence Lance Armstrong has had on the popularity of cycling worldwide. It's seen in how people treat people on bikes--commuters and cyclists alike--and on the number of bikes sold. Armstrong's popularity was evident this weekend when he sent out a tweet inviting people to come ride with him and Australian cyclist Robbie McEwan. Over 5,000 people showed up, creating chaos.Lance has done this Los Angeles, Glasgow and Dublin, and he was shocked by the overwhelming response his message got.

Courtesy of Velonews:

"I personally don't think that anyone will top the turnout we had today. That was a huge amount of people," Armstrong said. "The field stretched for kilometers and kilometers ... when we turned back there were just streams of people.

"It was chaos, but controlled chaos. It's certainly the biggest one that I've been a part of. It was cool. Everybody had a good time and more or less stayed safe."

Armstrong is making his season debut this week at the Tour Down Under, a weeklong stage race through Australia. Armstrong has announced that he intends to ride the Tour De france this year and that he is riding to win.

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