The Hydrogen Rocket: A Blast With My Kids and Maybe Yours Too?

With the holiday season just around the corner, it seems to me that the hydrogen powered rocket my students' and I gave a test run a couple of days ago may just be the perfect thing for that kid on your list who has everything but craves something unique, cool, and fun too...

When I broke out the rocket and introduced it to my room of 7th graders' they couldn't wait to give it a shot. And when you realize that to understand the mind of a middle school student is to recognize on a most visceral level that they certainly don't want to appear to like anything too educational, I think you'll understand that's saying something.... In fact, most of my students' had never seen something powered by hydrogen before, which gave me a great opportunity to segway from the discussion of kinetic and potential energy we were having in class to the real world where cleaner technologies are an absolutely necessary part of the future.

It's available through Discovery, costs under fifty bucks, and my kids loved it. I suspect yours might too...

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