"The Human Factor is By Far the Most Unnerving" Aspect of Climate Change: Andy Revkin (Video)

Video Interview with Andy Revkin
What do you think most people would cite as the most unnerving element of climate change? Rising sea levels? Incipient large-scale droughts? More violent storms? The rapid loss of global biodiversity? Or might it be that climate change presents a threat on so many fronts, over such a long period of time, that it overwhelms the human faculties -- that climate presents a challenge we're simply not hardwired to confront? New York Times climate writer Andrew Revkin contends it's the latter. I spent the better part of last week at a climate conference at the Garrison Institute along with Revkin, and he agreed to sit down to discuss global warming and human behavior -- issues the writer has addressed at length in his own work over the years.Revkin has explored how people react to climate change -- or fail to -- for years now on his long-running Dot Earth blog for the New York Times. That being the case, he's got a wide range of ideas about why we're seeing so little progress on climate, and where the green movement may have miscalculated in its fear-inducing approach to 'messaging' early on:

And finally, here's why Revkin has far from lost hope that humanity can address climate change:

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