The Huge Box Lowered Over Congress Got A Little Smaller This Week

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Earlier I wrote about how both US political parties were stuck in the box of strong popular opinion. At the time, polls indicated that a majority of Americans supported offshore drilling (so's they can keep on Truckin' like the Do Dah Man). Recent events, however, seem to have made the box trap just a leeeetle bit smaller. There's a mere plurality, now, which wants to poke more holes in the black pot of gold to keep SUVs rolling. CBS News has the latest poll findings here as pdf download. To summarize, the jarring truth for Tree Huggers is that:

Half the public sees the current incident in the Gulf as most likely an isolated incident, while 35% think it is an indication of a broader problem with offshore drilling.


  • Isolated incident 51%

  • Part of broader problem 35%

Most Republicans and independents view it as an isolated incident, while more Democrats think it is part of an overall problem with offshore drilling.

If you recall, Democrats get nowhere without Independents having their back.

In a few weeks, more cozy little Congress Kittens will find their claws.
Want progress? Wait for Cajun style "blackened" fish to take on a non-culinary meaning. Spill it bad, and Political Independents will come. This is how it always is. Be patient.

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