The Heat Is On - A 'Who's Who' On Climate Position


Wouldn't it be great to have a single website that profiles every US presidential candidate's take on Climate Change? Good news -- there is one, provided by the League of Conservation Voters. "The goal of The Heat Is On is to raise the debate on global warming and make it a priority issue during the presidential primaries." In fact, LCV has turned up the heat in several ways. "We will educate and organize concerned citizens in early caucus and primary states. With organizers in each state, we will recruit hundreds of volunteers to place global warming at the forefront of the political debate...Working with concerned political donors, we will elevate global warming in the "wealth primary." We will coordinate a network of hundreds of political donors who believe global warming is a top priority...We will educate and challenge the media to make this a top political issue, and sure that global warming is a central part of candidate stories, debates and interviews." And so on. Leaving for a moment the rather tedious and narrow process of US elections, let's expand the dream to a global scale. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a globally based organization for businesses that cared about sustainable development, that engaged with climate change? There is just such an organization and it's called the World Business Council for Sustainable Developement, or "WBCSD." The WBCSD has a website with a membership roster and recently has started guest posting on TreeHugger. Here's their first one, dealing with climate change, of course.