The Greening Of The Capitol: Very Efficient Food Service


Last week, the highly optimal Allison Rogers, invited me to survey the current state of the Greening of the Capitol. To get to the United States Capitol, I struggled out of bed, walked a couple miles to the bus stop, and then took a bus to the metro station, and then rode the metro to DC, and then walked a block to the Capitol. Upon entering, I was duly frisked by the Capitol guards, and proceeded into the building.


Allison was in effect, operating efficiently.


Karissa, our liaison, sauntered in and joined us. She took us on a tour of the dining facilities, beginning with the snack bar.


The snack bar had nutritious junk food.


We made our way to the cafeteria. They were serving Belgian dishes when I was there.


Allison deftly pointed out some locavoristic snacks.


This sign detailed the green elements of the cafeteria.


Allison swiftly acquired some coffee for sampling purposes. It was fair-traded or something...



Erin also had lunch with us. She is the newest member of the Green The Capitol.


All the cups were made of bioplastic, which I found to be quite elite. All compostable waste (including the cups, plates and cutlery) is fed into a mulching machine that transforms the material into a light green mash.


All the cutlery was made of corn or sugarcane, including the straws.


I think this was a green countertop.


I neglected to eat this tempting red cake.

Thank you Allison, Erin and Karissa for showing me the latest developments of Greening Of The Capitol.