The Green Shop: UK Business Approaches Sustainability from Every Possible Angle


It's hard to think of a category of green products that the UK-based Green Shop doesn't sell. Like other online green retailers Green For Good, Gaiam, or Natural Collection (who are also based in the UK), The Green Shop offers ecologically-minded body care and natural cleaning products, energy saving bulbs and other devices, green garden products, and sustainable gifts and toys. However, The Green Shop doesn't just stop at providing quality online green retail, through subsidiary companies they also offer real-world installation of rainwater harvesting and solar hot water systems. As if this were not enough, the company also runs a real, live shop in Gloucestershire that incorporates a green gas station offering lower carbon alternative fuels like Liquid Petroleum Gas and Biodiesel, and is currently in the process of building a new shop with even more comprehensive sustainability features (pictured). According to the company's website, they are not only committed to selling quality products that help people to green their lifestyles, but they are also active in walking their talk themselves:

"Our philosophy is to present and do the best we can, at the time, both ethically and environmentally, this continually changes as "green thinking" and technology more forward. We always strive to live lightly on the planet and find that our example encourages others to do the same. Not only do we sell products that will help reduce your impact on the environment, but we also demonstrate and trial systems ourselves. We do our best to support the local economy by stocking a range of locally produced goods and wherever possible we buy products made from organic materials and ingredients."

We are delighted to see such an innovative and forward thinking company that approaches sustainability from as broad an angle as possible.