The Green Chamber: Superior Alternative to Chamber of Commerce


On July 18th, a different kind of chamber of commerce will be born. The all-new "Green Chamber," as it is to be called, will offer "green-leaning" businesses, locally and nationally, the opportunity to work within the framework of the community of sustainability they believe in. Members will soon have ready access to a wealth of online resources such as detailed membership lists from which to network with those of like interests; organize amongst themselves; post jobs; promote novel ideas and initiatives; and more. According to John Reed, Public Relations Director of Elevator Communications, "These companies 'walk-the-talk' by making their companies as green as possible. They have a high ethical standard, a larger vision they bring to their business and personal lives." Perhaps, equally important, it will be each member's implied duty to promote Chamber membership towards other prospective affiliated organizations.As a 506(3)c nonprofit, it will be a political lobbying force, both regionally and nationally. The Berkeley Greens have expressed interest in collaborating with The Green Chamber.

The Green Chamber was founded by Jon Anderson, Executive Director of the Urban Land Preservation Fund based in the Washington, D.C. area. The Green Chamber will be headed by Mr. Anderson while he remains Executive Director of ULPF. Eckhart Beatty, President of Beatty Communications, has been appointed Director of the Central West Coast District.

Acceptance as a member in the organization is contingent upon passing a new member certification process. Those applicants who fail to meet minimum acceptance criteria will be given the opportunity to reapply in the future.

In Phase I, commencing at the organization's inception on July 18, 2007, co-sponsorships with like-minded organizations will be developed. Organizations such as Co-op America (organizer of the annual Green Festivals), and BALLE (Business Alliance of Livable Communities) will be invited to join forces with The Green Chamber. In Phase II, the online Network Center will be available to this pioneering constituency of some 10,000 — 15,000 initial signatories. The Network Center will include opportunities for members to upload RFPs, share referrals, list regional and local events, as well as discuss issues across all levels of the spectrum of today's green political agenda. "Given the groundswell of public interest in green lifestyles over the past several years--and the thousands of new companies to help support that lifestyle-- the Green Chamber will serve an important and growing segment of the business community," said Reed.

The next chapter in U.S. commercial history will effectively begin some 231 years after America's original Declaration of Independence was signed. In celebration of the signing of the Declaration, members of The Green Chamber likewise are demonstrating the spirit of an independent-minded yet interdependently aligned association. Its fundamental philosophy will be to continually advance an economy firmly rooted in ecologically based policies and actions. The result will be continuous improvement of best practices based in sustainability for each member organization, helping optimize productivity and maximize profitability to the organization as well as prosperity to its community.::