The Going Green Challenge: An Eco-Contest for Kids

Recently, By Kids For Kids (BKFK) announced the "Going Green Challenge" in conjunction with The Weather Channel for Kids.

And while I won't pretend that I have loads of students who are sucked into watching the weather, the contest is definitely a bright idea that could help change the world in the process. That's because they're encouraging kids to engage in "the creation of new products or services that could help the global environmental crisis."

And we all know there's plenty of great stuff to work on...So what issues, particularly, might be worth considering as part of your entry for the challenge? Well how about global warming, drought, famine, flooding, and the like After all, it's sponsored by The Weather Channel, and with global warming the most pressing issue we face, I suspect we could use as many brains working the topic as possible.

And with a $10,000 grand prize to sweeten the deal, kids under the age of 19 have a great opportunity to rake in the cash for taking the time to consider changing the world for the better. So if you've got a great idea, or even think you do, make sure to get that entry in by December 31st through the By Kids For Kids website.

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Via:: Green-Lemonade