The Go Green School of the Week: Kingwood Park High School in TX!


When it comes down to environmental education, the folks at this week's school of the week have it down in more ways than one. For starters, they've set up an Adopt-a-Green Space Program where classes, team advisories, and clubs adopt a space on campus to keep clean, green, and beautiful.

But what I like best is the diverse group of ways the various disciplines are approaching the idea of environmental sustainability. For example, Art students created the slogan, "Don't pass it up; pick it up," and created posters and banners encouraging recycling to go along with it. Geography classes are delving into a "Face the Future" project by studying ecology and making posters while History classes are teaching the impact of the depletion of natural resources on human beings.
And that's not all, with English classes creating service learning research projects this year geared toward environmental topics while Science students are busy discussing ways to conserve energy, along with more efficient ways to use various sources of energy.


Even Speech classes have gotten in on the act, selecting topics about "Green" concerns for demonstrations and persuasive topics. In fact, Debate students will be researching, writing cases, and debating on the 2008-2009 topic of alternative energy to help educate themselves and each other as to how we can make a positive difference.

So congrats to the folks at Kingwood Park High School in Texas. Can we ask for a more diverse approach from the students and staff at any given high school in America?

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via:: Go Green Initiative

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