The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: St. Ann's School in NY!

If your school hasn't had a chance to hold a fashion show featuring outfits made out of recycled items, now just may be the time to consider it. As St. Ann's School in NY recently demonstrated that they could take their recycling efforts to new heights by putting on just such an event to showcase how reusing various materials can help keep them out of the waste stream.And not content with just a fashion show they kicked off Earth Week with a presentation by their third graders singing "All Things Bright and Beautiful" while dressed as a tree, the sun, a flower, bee, butterfly, and a host of other creatures from the natural world.

Of course, they also wanted to take a look at the impact humans are having on the planet as part of their week's events, and took to focusing on a segment of National Geographic's The Human Footprint in class each day.

Great stuff kids, we hope the fun just keeps on coming at St. Ann's!

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