The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Richmond Street Elementary in El Segundo, CA!

Whatever the reason, there’s always a warm spot in my heart for teacher’s with the guts to dress up for the occasion and get kids excited about learning something new. Enter the school librarian at this week’s school of the week, Richmond Street Elementary in El Segundo, California. She dressed the part of a tree for their school-wide tree-planting assembly, with each classroom planting a tree on campus and every one of the 500 kids taking home a seedling to plant someplace special.

Of course the good folks at Richmond Street Elementary have lots more green things going on; including a terrific hands-on experiment you can try at home or in the classroom, and a simple green change instituted by their school’s principal that every school community could benefit from as well.
Near the start of the school year Ms. Stakkestad’s fourth grade class decided to investigate the biodegradability of various lunch trays, burying three different types on school grounds until the end of the school year. Then, they’ll dig ‘em up and take a look at how each of them have been affected.

And their principal, Dickie Van Breene, has taken the terrific step of moving all of his communications online via a virtual newsletter. And that means great savings in paper, trees, toner, energy, and the time it takes to make and distribute all the usual photocopied messages; not to mention the fact that his messages are sure to be delivered home to parents in a timely fashion without being lost along the way. Can you imagine the impact if the principal in your school and every other took this same simple step to green the planet?

Congrats to the folks at Richmond Street Elementary, you’re making a difference and helping to lead the way!

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