The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Putnam Valley Middle School in NY!


When the students and staff in the Go Green Club at Putnam Valley Middle School held a community meeting back at the beginning of the school year to help educate other students and staff about the importance of composting and recycling there’s a very good chance they didn’t know how far their efforts to green the school would take them…In fact, it’s probably taken them to heights the may not even have imagined if they’d tried; raising $3000 during Spirit Week from students and staff who each contributed $1 to wear green so that they can achieve their goal of putting solar panels on the roof of the school, putting the sun’s energy to good use while they’re busy learning inside.

And to go along with their vibrant recycling and food scraping programs at lunch they’ve also scraped up enough cash through donations of spare change to preserve 10 acres of rainforest in Africa while they’re at it.

Clearly, the folks at Putnam Valley Middle School are making a difference. Congrats!

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via: Go Green Initiative

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