The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Monte Garden Elementary in Concord City, CA!

While these kids seem to be slacking off from raking up leaves, when I heard that this week’s School of the Week, Monte Gardens Elementary in Concord City, California was taking part in a milk-carton recycling program, I was definitely impressed by their efforts… You certainly don’t hear about too many schools doing that, and there are plenty of kids out there each day washing down a PB&J; from the school cafeteria with one of those tiny cartons of milk.

Turns out they just may be the first in the country, as their local recycling center has come up with the funds to build a new plant that will be able to strip the wax off of 1 million+ milk cartons, enabling them to be recycled in the process.
The reason they were picked is a result of their own letter writing campaign and intense lobbying to the City of Concord. Which shows the squeaky wheel often gets the grease and was a great civics lesson for the kids involved, but now we’ll have to see how well it all shakes out. And I can’t wait to hear about it.

In the meanwhile, they’ll keep on composting, recycling, gardening, and everything else that’s good and green they’re up to.

Congrats to Monte Garden Elementary!

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via:: Go Green Initiative

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