The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, TX!


As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas," and Grand Prairie High School's environmental program is no exception. Their AP Environmental Science class has been busy charting a greener path towards environmental stewardship since 1998. And this year’s class has put together the "Gophers Go for Greater Green Challenge!" to leave their mark on their community and the planet. The first part of the challenge includes working to control erosion at a nearby wetland preserve. To date, kids have logged 16 hours of their own personal time doing just that, and certainly they’ve made a difference.

Secondly, they’re working to complete the beautification project begun by the class of ’02, with some seniors devoting 2 full days of their Thanksgiving vacation to the task. Preparing the walls of a bricked area that will now be home to a waterfall and green space complete with plants, natural rock boulders, and a tile mosaic of the school mascot to replace the constant graffiti and littering that had made the area an eyesore.

Hey, green spaces are a great way to do a school-wide make-over!


And they’re also involved in a boatload of other opportunities; taking advantage of the morning announcements to offer a green tip of the day, creating "Poster Pals" that post environmental information and facts school-wide, and even creating a float for their homecoming parade with an environmental theme as well.

So congrats to the AP Environmental Science classes at Grand Prairie High School, you’re making a difference every day!

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via:: Go Green Initiative

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