The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Garrison Union Free School in NY!

Well it’s that time of the week again, and Garrison Union Free School in Garrison, NY takes the cake as this week’s School of the Week! How you ask? Well read on to hear all about their terrific "Just One Thing" initiative that’s making a difference for kids, their families, and the planet in Garrison. What’s their "Just One Thing" initiative I’m so excited about? Well, their EcoKids club is asking every family to change just one thing this year that they might never have considered doing differently to protect the environment.

For some that may be as basic (and important) as changing a light bulb, but for others that means making a conscious effort to eat more locally grown organic food, use less disposable goods, and remember to bring that neat reusable shopping bag they picked up on the last trip to the supermarket.

Of course, there’s plenty more great stuff going on in Garrison, but it may be worthwhile to see to it that the "Just One Thing" initiative kicks off in your school as well. The simple truth is that changing even one small thing can really make a difference.

via:: Go Green Initiative

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