The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Farmwell Station Middle School in Ashburn, VA!


According to Tracy Rossi, 7th grade Science Teacher at Farmwell Middle School, our motto is "Everyone can make a difference." And having recently started the first environmental club at their school along with 40 students, they've all begun to realize just how much that can mean...

Experiencing first-hand the reality that schools consume vast quantities of paper, their first and primary focus was recycling the tons of paper that was being simply thrown away. To do it, blue bins were distributed to classrooms that didn't have them, signs (laminated for long time use) were printed up, and announcements were made to get everyone in the school behind their mission.

Meeting every other week, teams of students go around the school collecting the recyclables from the blue bins. Then the students deposit the material into the huge recycling dumpster out back. During the past two months alone they've recycled over 4,400 pounds of paper!
With 40 student members and 2 sponsors so far they're aiming to expand their recycling efforts to other products, and get involved with projects like energy audits for students homes, improving the natural habitat around the school campus for local wildlife, and adopting an endangered animal.

Go Farmwell Station Middle School!

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via:: The Go Green Initiative