The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: E.R. Hughes Elementary, New Hartford, NY!


When you've got committed teachers like Matt Arnold and Catherine Alessandrini, it's no wonder that Hughes Elementary is a leader in the Go Green Initiative. In fact, their students have already cut waste usage by 50% and are just getting warmed up
Intent on conducting a school-wide waste audit at the end of this month, the Green Team of 5th and 6th graders at Hughes Elementary has been focusing their efforts on reducing waste in the mornings and at lunch. And the lunchtime crew certainly has an important task. Not only are they role models of recycling for the younger students, but they drain juice boxes and scrape containers for recycling. "It's gross," said Meaghen Gape, 10, a fifth-grade Green Team member.

And they aren't keeping their program a secret either, but reaching out to other schools to get them involved in the process Way to go Hughes Elementary!

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via:: Go Green Initiative

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