The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week, Briarlake Elementary in Decatur, GA!


This week's school of the week is double winner! Not only have they been chosen as the Go Green Initiative's top enchilada, but they're also the winner of the $1000.00 prize for raising the most funds to aid green efforts in Ugandan schools.

Turns out they even kicked off their school year with a "Wear Green Day" at school.

To date, the students and staff at Briarlake Elementary have expanded their recycling program from newspaper only to mixed paper, secured recycling bags at all events to separate trash from recyclable products, added recycling bins to the teachers' lounge and paper bins in classrooms, removed the bottled water machine to reduce bottle waste and promote the drinking fountain as a sustainable alternative.
Not enough? Well they also set up a special day when students could recycle boxes that their fundraising items came in, hosted a used book sale to promotes the recycling of products, moved from Styrofoam trays in the school cafeteria to washable trays, and put their monthly bulletin online.

Makes me wonder when they have time to keep up with the worm bin!

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via:: Go Green Initiative

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