The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Pleasanton Middle School in Pleasanton, CA!

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Well folks, it seems the student Panthers at Pleasanton Middle School in California are going "wild" for food scraps. They began in January putting together a lunchtime food scrapping effort that is truly amazing, with ten different stations set up around the lunch area so that students can separate their food and paper waste into large green cans, recycle their cans and bottles into special receptacles, and throw the small amount of remaining trash out the old-fashioned way.

And so far the results from our Go Green Initiative school of the week have been incredible!
Amazingly, it took just five days for the 27-member team to divert over 600 lbs of food from the waste stream, and students are now learning how to turn this once scorned trash into the stuff great gardens are made of, rich compost.

Increased School Recycling Efforts

And not to let their efforts at cardboard recycling slide, they’ve also doubled their cardboard and paper recycling this year. In fact, they collected over 22,000 lbs of paper and 3300 lbs of cardboard in just three short months. They have an on-going collection of cell phones, DVDs, and inkjet cartridges and they use the money raised for school-wide Earth Week activities and MORE recycling containers.

With results like these, it’s certain that next year’s efforts will be bigger than ever for this Go Green Initiative school of the week!

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via: The Go Green Initiative

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