The Go Green Initiative's School of the Week: Hope Community Charter School!

When you’re having a blast going green, it’s not so unusual to find a recycled milk jug on your head! At least that’s what one student found out at the Hope Community Charter School in Washington, D.C., the Go Green Initiative’s school of the week.

They’ve been busy recycling and planting away with spring in full swing; and holding a school wide competition where each class adopts a section to keep clean and help beautify while creating a school banner about going green and recording their classroom recycling progress as well.
And soon enough their school judges will determine which class did the most tremendous job possible; earning themselves a pizza party, the staple of award winners in schools across America.

But that’s not all they’ve been up to, working to switch over to environmentally safe cleaning products and working with administration to make their school a more energy efficient place to learn with the installation of motion lights, hands-free sinks and toilets too.

And what about that milk jug she’s wearing on her head? Well, she was actually busy turning it into a good old-fashioned planter as recycled art. How about that?

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via: The Go Green Initiative

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