The Global 100: Most Sustainable Corporations 2007


The Global 100 list of the most sustainable corporations in the world has been updated for 2007. As with last year, the list was compiled by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors and Corporate Knights, and includes companies from 16 countries in sectors ranging from oil and gas to wireless telecommunication services that were "evaluated according to how effectively they manage environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities, relative to their industry peers." Though somewhat similar to last year's incarnation, this year's list features about 1/3 new corporations, with the United Kingdom leading the way with 24, with the United States (19) and Japan (13) following. While it's no real surprise to see companies like Toyota, Marks & Spencer, Google and Goldman Sachs on the list, environmentally-divisive corporations like Coca Cola, Nike and General Electric also make an appearance, and we think that's okay. To be clear, TreeHugger certainly doesn't condone everything that they've done in the past or do today, and those that have a poor reputation have earned it, but we're working to highlight the good things that these companies do to encourage them to continue down a greener path. We think it's great that a select few -- just 100 corporations out of the millions in operation around the planet -- are recognized as being better than the competition, which is a word that everyone in business understands, regardless of sustainability goals; if you were the CEO of a major corporation, you'd want to be recognized as better than the next guy, too...right? So even though none of these corporations are perfect, they still deserve a firm handshake and pat on the back for making the list; as corporate responsibility becomes more and more important to consumer behavior and bottom lines alike, we hope more catch on and follow the lead of those who've made strides toward being truly sustainable corporations. ::Global 100 and ::Global 100 - The 2007 List

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