The Gettysburg Of US Climate Action: Clean Air Act Could/Could Not Be Used To Cost-Effectively Regulate Green House Gases?


Here's a glimpse at what went on behind closed doors in Washington DC, prior to the G8 summit being held in Japan. The door opens with this citation from two battle-embedded reporters for Dow Jones Newswire:

The White House is fighting an intense private battle with officials at the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent the publication of a document that could become the legal road map for regulation of greenhouse gas emissions across the U.S. economy, according to people close to the matter.

Senior White House officials are eager to prevent the original document from being published because it is in opposition to their belief that regulating emissions could create major policy havoc.

Free-Market Utopians have unleashed their ideological bombardment, softening up USEPA defenses in a Climate Wars equivalent of Picketts Charge: they are desperate to preclude any action on the precept that 'public welfare is endangered [by climate change] and that there is, on balance, a positive cost-benefit to society, both domestically and internationally, from regulating greenhouse gases.' Climate Wars. The tipping point approaches.

Who will read the Gettysburg-Like Address, once the battle is won?

Via::Dow Jones Newswire White House Fights To Edit EPA Document Outlining GHG Regs Image credit:: Picketts Charge Defense, Wikipedia