The Future of Green in 8 Fast Lectures


Image from Green Tomato Cars

If you want to learn where the future is for green business and entrepreneurs, here's the place. It's a speed lecture by 8 green leaders on the direction of their industry. Speed means that each one gets 8 minutes for their slide show and only 5 words per slide. Talk fast guys.

There is quite a prestigious collection of presenters for this green social event: Green Tomato Cars will give their view on the future of sustainable transport, Ed Gillespie from Futerra will speak about ethical communication and consumer attitudes. Terra Plana will comment on how its ethical footwear will evolve.


Image of St. Giles Cripplegate Church

The evening is called "Interesting Things for Interesting People: The Future of Green". The other presenters include Germination, a cutting-edge event company furthering social progress, Project Dirt, an innovative web community, the Hub, a shared workspace concept for social entrepreneurs and Sublime, a sustainable lifestyle magazine.

The speed presentation rules mean each presentation will be fast, engaging and highly visual. It also means that they can cover lots of content over the course of the evening and keep people interested as well.

Held at a glorious church in London on October 27, 2009, this event is organised by Insider Trends, a small business started by an ex-eco designer and ethical marketer. The company custom designs bespoke tours for small groups as well as working with small businesses to identify markets and new trends. : Insider Trends

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