(The First) Wind Farm Planned For Lake Erie


Lake Erie is on average relatively shallow and has one of the most productive and popular Great Lakes sport fisheries. When it comes to walleye (the best eating freshwater fish that ever existed) and yellow perch, Erie is "hot". So hot, that this Lake Erie based wind farm proposal could make the Cape Wind project proposal look like a playground scuffle, unless the sponsors properly look after any fish and aquatic life issues early on. Because this is the first of many wind farms that will be proposed for Erie, we can be sure.

"A German company that knows how to harness wind power is the best candidate to judge whether Lake Erie breezes can spin off power and jobs, Cuyahoga County commissioners say. Commissioners voted Thursday to select a team led by juwi International to do a yearlong feasibility study of building wind turbines on the lake and establishing a wind-energy research center nearby.""Commissioners also approved a deal with Case Western Reserve University to run the research center, under Case's newly formed Great Lakes Institute for Energy Innovation...An energy-development task force formed by the commissioners one year ago has been pushing the wind turbine project. It would have an iconic array of up to 10 wind turbines spinning three miles or more off the shore of downtown Cleveland."

"They would be the first wind turbines on fresh water in the world. More importantly, an affiliated research-and-development center would develop turbine design and technology for an industry that's in its early stages, officials say. That could attract wind-energy manufacturers and suppliers to the region, with the potential for hundreds of jobs."

We notice that juwi International already has opened a Cleveland office. A sign of momentum. Via:: Cleveland Plain Dealer Image credit: West end of Lake Erie, with Cleveland on the bottom center of the image and Toronto to the top center (not too far from Lloyd's place). NOAA Coast Watch

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