The Fat Lady is Singing & the Sh!t has Hit the Fan ... the End of Climate Denial is Nigh! (Videos)

... And it's time to start getting real about climate change. Such is the message behind Al Gore's latest effort to get folks fired up about addressing global warming; his 24 Hours of Climate Reality program, which will take place this September 14th. David has more of the details here. In order to spread the word, an ad campaign has been launched on the YouTubes, and elsewhere. It's weird, funky, and actually, kind of awesome.

Here's the other one:

Will Al Gore's reality project end climate denial next week? No! But thank the carbon-concentrated heavens he's still trying, and that he's got some pretty sharp brains working with him in his inexhaustible efforts.

Stay tuned for more coverage regarding the Climate Reality project -- perhaps a live blog shall be in order ...

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