The Facts of Cap and Trade (Video)

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Cap and trade is notoriously one of the least understood political concepts in the US--polls show that huge swaths of Americans don't even know what it is. Which isn't entirely their fault--the media hasn't exactly been on the ball in climate coverage. So if you'd benefit from a brief but relatively thorough explanation of what the cap and trade system outlined in the clean energy bill, you can find it right after the ol' jump.It's called 'The Facts of Cap and Trade'.

The Facts of Cap-and-Trade from Clean Energy Works on Vimeo.

The video is vaguely intended as a rejoinder to the 'Story of Cap and Trade' video circulated last December starring Annie Leonard (of the 'Story of Stuff' fame). That video was a sloppy, largely fact-less attempt to paint cap and trade as some idea dreamed up by financiers and ex-Enron board members. Cap and trade, especially the system set up in the House clean energy bill, isn't perfect. But it's anything but a racket.

And this version is a tad squeaky clean and uncritical (problems with the offsets, for example, are glossed over), but it's way more accurate than Annie's conspiracy theory take.

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