The End of the World As We Know It Dept.: Leaf Blower Hockey


How did it come to this? Take the most evil fuel burning device this side of a Hummer or a gas-powered daquiri maker and outfit two teams with them, fire up the leaf blowers and blow the ball towards the goal. The "first ever leaf blower hockey game in the history of the world" was played yesterday in Toronto, which now has yet another reason to hang its head in shame for having one of its citizens, an ad exec named Michael Paul, invent such a crime.

According to the Star: With an official band for inspiration (Air Supply) and an unbreachable code of conduct ("No aggressive blowing"), the inaugural game began yesterday morning at an outdoor rink. when the Windbreakers faced off against the Fallen Leafs. ("No harm intended to the other Leafs.") The game surface was slick with rainwater, not ice, but players from each team strapped on diesel-powered leaf blowers over their red and white jerseys, left their Tim Hortons coffee cups on the bench, and stepped up to do battle.


"There is a definite technique involved, it's not just glamour," said Paul's son, Teo, a chef, Fallen Leafs player and official event "catalyst." The Fallen Leafs, made up of Toronto chefs and Ontario Place landscapers, beat the Windbreakers, the admen, in two games; 5-2 and 2-1, amidst the reek of diesel fumes. One contestant said "We're looking for a bio-diesel sponsor for next year." ::The Star; perhaps decent pictures will be posted on the new ::Official Website

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