The Empire Strikes Black: McCain Leads Team of Saturn Oil Prospectors

lake of oil on titan photo

Bigfoot lake of oil on Titan

John McCain wants to drill, drill, drill; oil execs tell him that it will bring the price down quickly. In fact, he credits President Bush just talking about drilling with reducing the price ten bucks a barrel. Here is the best opportunity ever- according to Wired, scientists have just discovered a lake of petroleum on Titan, a moon of Saturn. They call it Ontario Lacus because it is the size of Lake Ontario, but are looking for a less foreign alternative. And you don't even need a drill; just a big bucket.

The McCain team is planning a photo op with John McClane Bruce Willis leading a shuttle mission like he did in Armageddon. They have also released a commercial declaring that Obama wants higher oil prices and is against proposals to ship oil by space tanker 746 million miles to earth, even though oil company executives say it will bring the price down quickly. ::Wired
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