The Ecologist on Transition Towns


Yesterday we reported that the Transition Towns movement had reached the pages of the BBC’s Gardener’s World Magazine when TV gardening guru Monty Don was prompted to reflect on the oil-intensive habits of himself and his fellow gardeners. Today we read that The Ecologist has also picked up the story. In an inspiring article tracing the history of the movement and outlining its vision, Ed Hamer interviews founder Rob Hopkins, whose ambition clearly hasn’t diminished since we interviewed him:

In the last twelve months alone, twenty new Transition initiatives have sprung up across the UK from cities the size of Bristol to tiny rural hamlets. A further ninety are undergoing the initial stages and Rob receives at least two new enquiries every week. When I ask Rob if the Transition initiative has an ultimate goal or a destination, he hesitates slightly before offering one of his infectiously enthusiastic smiles ‘There are 1000 towns and cities in the UK, 10, 000 villages and twice as many hamlets. Ultimately I have a faith that the ingenuity and resourcefulness that got us up to the top of this peak in the first has the potential to take Transition to every single one of these communities’.

While this may be the most inappropriate metaphor to ever grace the pages of TreeHugger, we’re delighted to see the Transition Town juggernaut rolling forward inexorably. ::The Ecologist::via Transition Culture::

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