The Department of Saving the World


The idea of "saving the world" is now too cliche to throw around loosely, but sometimes it is warranted. While not as sexy as saving the whales or reusable water bottles - both important in their own way - one deathly important component of creating a safe, sustainable world is preventing the ingredients for a nuclear bomb or "dirty bomb" from entering the black market. Call me old fashioned, but I like my highly enriched uranium and other radioactive material nice and secure and not in the hands of international terrorists. That's hard to fit on a bumper sticker, I know, but most people would probably agree that is still pretty damn important.

If so, why are House Republicans voting to cut the funding for the Agency of badasses that are in charge of finding and securing this nuclear material? Rachel Maddow explains in the video below.

Kudos to Maddow for highlighting the illogical budget cutting madness from the House Republicans and for highlighting the important work done by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) . You can read the NNSA press release about their most recent mission to secure loose nuclear material here.

You can follow @Maddow on Twitter or read more about the Atomic Trucker on the Maddow Show Blog.

I'm @ChrisTackett.
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