The Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

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"We, the undersigned, believe that a healthy food system is necessary to meet the urgent challenges of our time." So begins the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture, initiated by the Roots of Change, and endorsed by over 200 leaders in the sustainable food movement. The Declaration consists of 12 essential points its authors believe should frame agricultural policy in the 21st century.The Declaration's aim is to provide an outline for the effort of transitioning from our current, heavily industrialized agriculture system to a healthier, more sustainable modern system—by providing a concrete set of priorities and values put together by leading agricultural thinkers for legislators, policymakers, and proactive Americans looking to get involved to refer to with ease and accessibility. Its supporters include members of Slow Food USA, People's Grocery, the Environmental Defense Center, and many others.

There's a reason that this is such a formal, concerted effort—the near future of agriculture and food is (as you likely know) liable to be one the foremost environmental and economical concerns of the 21st century. For this reason, everyone is encouraged to read the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture draft online, and to leave comments or endorse the bill (at time of writing, it had 5799 endorsements).

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