The Center for American Progress' Top 100 Effects of Global Warming

empty wine glass

Given the context, we're not sure "top" is the right word to use here - nevertheless, the Center for American Progress has done a bang-up job compiling an exhaustive list of the effects global warming is expected to have, or is already having, on different aspects of our lives and on the planet as a whole. Go figure: according to the list, wine lovers are expected to be amongst the hardest hit (relatively speaking, of course).

Here are some other examples of things you'll soon be kissing goodbye - or saying hello to:
- Say Goodbye to Discoveries of Sharks That Can Walk
- Say Goodbye to Guacamole
- Say Hello to Bulgarian Hooker Shortages- Say Hello to More Mosquitoes
- Death March of the Penguins
- Homeless Sheep, Goats, and Bears

Via ::CAP Mic Check Radio: The Top 100 Effects of Global Warming (news release), ::Think Progress: Top 100 effects of global warming (blog)

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Image courtesy of jurvetson via flickr

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